SA (stock appearing)

[GAGESRE02] SA Complete race ready head 27/25 SS valve

Purchase 1-5 at $239.00 each
Purchase 6-10 at $229.00 each
Purchase 10+ at $209.00 each

[GAGESR01B] Stock bare head unmachined $130.00 (no combustion, no hardware)

If you need the bare head assembled make sure to add assembly required ($45 charge for labor applies). For customized combustion chamber, call (423) 790-0468 for special pricing.

Add assembly if required before shipping ($45 charge applies)

168F-1040100 Champion 1:1 rocker



Stainless steal valve 24mm $15.00 each
Stainless steal valve 25mm $15.00 each
Stainless steal valve 27mm $15.00 each
Stainless steal valve 28mm $15.00 each
Stainless steal valve 28.5mm $15.00 each
Stainless steal valve 32mm $15.00 each

Valve Seats

Valve seat 24mm $4.49 each
[VS1-24] F1 valve seat 24mm $35.00 each
[VS1-25] F1 valve seat 25mm $35.00 each
[VS1-27] F1 valve seat 27mm $35.00 each
[VS1-28] F1 valve seat 28mm $35.00 each
[VS1-32] F1 valve seat 32mm $35.00 each

Stock springs


[14751-883-000] Spring 18lb (Honda) $4.50 each
[DCS-BP] Spring 22lb $6.75 each
[DCS CL1] Spring 26lb $3.99 each $3.99 each
[SL_28] Spring 28lb $3.99 each
[SLO32] Spring 32lb $3.99 each

[SR-GX200-S] Valve spring retainer $5.99 Single spring (aluminum)

[12932-27A00] Single spring (aluminum) valve keeper $2.50 each (a set is needed per each valve)


BSP_1117 Stock valve shim .005
BSP_1116 Stock valve shim .008
BSP_1119 Stock valve shim .012
BSP_1118 Stock valve shim .015